help finish the film

We are fundraising to complete this feature length documentary. Our goal is to meet our "bare bones" budget of $150,000. This amount pays for the editing, graphics, music licensing, score, production work, and animations needed to create a finished product. If you'd like to help please consider donating $50 or more. Your donation will be 100% tax deductible. A small portion (6.5%) will be applied to our fiscal sponsor, The Northwest Film Forum, to cover administrative costs. The rest (93.5%) will be applied directly to the cost of completing the film. Every donation helps get us to the finish line. Thank you for your support.

Raised so far - $28,330

Please note - when you click on the "Donate Now" button you will be taken to a Paypal site that states "Donate to Northwest Film Forum". After you complete your donation you will get a detailed email receipt confirming that you have donated to "The Most Dangerous Year". Our "Raised so far" figure will be updated several times a week. For select donations or when we reach certain milestones we will post personal thank you messages (if permitted by the donor) on our Facebook page.